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Passing Plays

The passing game has a valuable place in every offense. Many teams that have potent running games use play action and deep routes to take advantage of the secondary cheating up to help stop the run, which creates big play opportunities. West coast offenses, on the contrary, use the passing game as a ball control method and use short, controlled passes to consistently move the chains.

The keys to a successful passing game start with the line up front and giving the quarterback proper protection. Linemen are assigned to a man, and then must adjust as the play develops to pick up stunts and blitzes. Many times it is necessary to keep a tight end or running back in the pocket to help with the blocking responsiblities.

The quarterback has the responsibility of reading the defense. The defense will often give clues to which coverage they will be in before the play even starts. If the cornerbacks are lined up close to the line of scrimmage and inside of the receiver, it is most likely man-to-man coverage. By using longer snap counts, defenders will often give away their intention to blitz, allowing the quarterback to read which area of the field will be vacated, and open to pass to.

The receivers are the ones that must make the plays. They too must read the defense, and make good sharp cuts for the play to be successful.

Below are the passing plays that are currenly in our online playbook. They range from short, controlled passes, to screens, to deep routes, and play action passes. All can be successful with the right personnel and opposing defense.

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